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Making Smart Buildings Smarter

The modern-day city is dominated by smart buildings. From the early phases of a building’s design, numerous stakeholders have input into its use and the technology packed inside. Recent figures from Fortune Business Insights show that the smart buildings market is on a healthy trajectory and is projected to grow to £279 billion by 2029.

The Role of Smart Fabric Technology in Healthcare and Medicine

The role of smart fabric technology in healthcare and medicine has been gaining significant attention in recent years, as researchers and industry experts explore the potential of these innovative materials to revolutionize various aspects of patient care and treatment. Smart fabrics, also known as e-textiles or electronic textiles, are materials that have been embedded with

The Future of Offices

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the regular 9-5 has been disrupted. The migration to working from home allowed businesses to continue functioning under lockdown, but the lifting of restrictions has not prompted a mass-return to the office as some may have expected. Instead, for many companies, hybrid working is here to stay. Not only

Artificial intelligence can help unlock efficiency and emissions savings

Smart buildings, defined as those employing interconnected digital and automation technologies to optimize performance, are fast being recognized as critical to decarbonizing the built environment and limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C this century. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) 2020 Global status report1, building construction and operations account for 38% of total energy-related

Smart and smarter – the latest in commercial building automation

Driven by several factors, including the need to reduce carbon emissions and even the COVID-19 pandemic, building automation continues to become more and more mainstream. Matthew McDonald identifies the latest in Smart Building Technology. By now, the Smart Building concept is well-established. Organizations of varying sizes now understand the benefits they stand to gain by

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