Smart buildings and cybersecurity: what you need to know

Smart technologies are the lifeblood of modern living. We spend more time online than ever before, having become highly dependent on smart technologies and the benefits they bring to our personal and professional lives. Smart homes are inspirational, sustainable, cost-efficient and future-proof spaces designed to deliver exceptional levels of engagement and satisfaction to the users of


Safety and security at its best, automatic temperature control, and smart lighting control - what if your buildings get smart enough and offer all of this? Does it seem like a fantasy? It's no longer a fantasy, smart buildings are coming soon! Imagine the building that was built primitively. Probably, they were made from stones,

Break Room of the Future: Returning to Work after COVID-19

Many things about the post-COVID workplace are going to take some considerable getting-used-to. Routine temp checks, muffled face-mask conversations, and socially distant lunch breaks change the office dynamic in dramatic ways. Gone are the days of collaborating in cozy huddle rooms. Despite the enforced separation, the yearn for interaction, connection, and community lingers. Historically, we get our

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings

A lot of energy is consumed by buildings. In fact, the Alliance to Save Energy, a nonprofit energy efficiency advocacy group, says buildings account for about 40% of all U.S. energy consumption and a similar proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. Some estimates suggest about 45% of the energy used in commercial buildings is consumed by

IoT Smart Buildings For Post-Pandemic Digitized Workplaces

Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 56% of U.S. workers have jobs that are at least partially compatible with working remotely. And a Gallup poll showed that half of Americans currently working remotely would rather continue even after pandemic restrictions lift. With a post-pandemic rush to prepare commercial buildings for the full or hybrid return of staff and

Augmented Reality and Facilities: Smart Building Tech, Smart Machines Converge

One out of five facilities management professionals use augmented reality (AR) for at least one function. Nearly three out of four of these managers who don’t currently use AR expects to implement the technology in the next 24 months. Resonai’s report, 2021 State of Augmented Reality in Facilities Management, explores the current and expected use of AR

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