The Internet of Things (IoT) will change smart city parking — and make everyone’s life easier in many ways. IoT will move beyond simple conveniences like fridges that reorder milk when you’re out — and your bathroom shower that turns on and finds just the right temperature when you’re near.

Instead, IoT will change how we experience our homes, cities, and worldwide communication and travel — even in your own smart city.

How About IoT Finding Your Parking Spot in Smart City Parking?
IoT will make every aspect of running errands easier, up to and including taking all the pain out of finding a place to park. Especially relevant will be how IoT finds your car a parking spot in cities.

As you begin the long, head-on-a-swivel hunt for a big enough spot to park your car, it legally will become something of the past with the aid of smart city planning and zones. But, as stories of the hour-long hunt for a better spot to park close to work — our kids won’t believe we ever put up with that.