Smart building technology was a hot topic at the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta. Some of the top innovators in the HVAC industry spent three days in early February sharing ideas and showcasing the future of technology in the HVAC industry.

“The industry changes so slowly, but technology changes constantly,” said Victoria Garcia Massimo, operations manager for Airzone. “It’s important to bridge the gap between industry and tech so the things we build don’t just work with today’s technologies, but also the standards and protocols that will be adopted in 10 years.”

To move from anecdotes to data, a survey was conducted during the expo. The results are interesting. Many HVAC businesses haven’t decided on their path to digital transformation — or aren’t even considering it. However, for those actively pursuing digital transformation, things are going well. Some common themes emerged among those who reported struggles along the way. We will take a look at these themes and potential solutions introduced.